3-Axis Stepper Motor controller cnc kit. Suitable for students and professionals at beginning. No need to purchase expesive cnc controller. This is all in one complete cnc homemade controller kit.

cnc stepper motor kit



DRIVER:              Unipoler (full step),  maximum 14 Amp (peak)
                               maximum 10 Amp (continuous). 12 VDC for kit 
                               and 12-50 VDC for motor

INTERFACE:       LPT(25-pins) , Straight cable  
MOTORS:            Unipoler (5,6,8 wires), NEMA 13, 17, 23, 34
                               1.8 degree, 200 steps / rev

SUITABLE FOR:  For motion controller devices. e.g. CNC and ROBOTICS projects.
                                Fully compatible (designed) for Mach3, Kcam  and other motion 
                                control softwares.  Also suitable for students and professionals
                                (beginning level) who wants to make cnc machines at home.   

TESTED:               Tested and verified on Mach3 CNC WOOD ROUTER (small size)

INSTALLATION   The pin configuration and installation procedure is included in 
                                 the purchase package.

PRICE:                    Rs:5000/-
CONTACT:             Javed Rafique 03335151445

NOTE:                      This kit does not include motors and power supply.

COPERATION         PAKCNCKIT is thankful and appreciate the role of students of
                                   AIR University Islamabad Pakistan. Specially Shaharyar Amjad
                                   Mechatronic Engg.

You can see three stepper motors are running through mach3 with an Eagle design for wood here.

cnc stepper motor driver kit is available at Islamabad, Pakistan contact: 03335151445, 03235852670


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